Mash digital wallet.
Your money. No lock-in.

Free experiences. Pay-as-you-enjoy.
No download. No subscriptions.

Powered by Bitcoin ₿₿ + Lightning ⚡️. Freedom Money.

Bitcoin Lightning Wallet for Consumers in the Web for Micropayments

Trusted, quality, accessible experiences.

You've been forced to subscribe when you just want to use it a few times. Stuck with large up-front purchases that you can only guess if they are worth it. Locked out because you won't play that game.

Mash powered experiences fix this. You'll contribute as-you-enjoy in small increments. You'll be supporting experiences based on the value you receive – enabling a new online era of trust and quality.

Enable sites to monetize based on quality and value and get rid of ads powered with Mash

Try the magic of bitcoin & lightning – instantly.

With Mash you'll get a native digital wallet that just works – you don't have to do anything fancy. It doesn't need to be downloaded, is global, interoperable across the internet, and can activated with a credit card. You can also load it with Bitcoin directly.

Image of a bitcoin wallet directly embedded in a website on mobile and desktop

Enjoy free experiences.
Only spend if you enjoy.

Try before you buy. Set a budget for specific experiences, and auto-pay without interruption or concern for overspending. No longer do you have to subscribe or make a large up-front purchase for that thing you only want to use a few times. And lots of new wild experiences. Contribute as you enjoy, stop paying if you don't.

Digital Bitcoin Wallet Set Budget Function for Auto of Micro paymentsFree access to users after micropayments reaching threshold freemium bitcoinFreemium pre subscription micropayments with Mash Wallet Bitcoin

It's your money. No lock-in.
Use it or send it elsewhere.

Your balance works seamlessly across any site powered by Mash. You can send your funds elsewhere – to a friend, another wallet, or exchange without any fees from Mash. And you can then easily convert it to another currency as desired. No longer are you stuck having your funds locked into a single experience that you may never use again.

Bitcoin Lightning Network Send and Receive Anywhere with Bolt 11 and LNUrl and WebLN Interoperable Open

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Activate a wallet for $15.
Receive $15 of bitcoin to use instantly.

Get immediate access to your bonus to use on Mash experiences. No skimming – it's based on the current exchange rate from top exchanges.

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