Monetize your books, tutorials, serialized content a radically new way.

Give your audience the ability to enjoy your book, course, how-to-guides, tutorials and more – as they want. Ask them to pay-as-they-enjoy, rather than a large up-front purchase decision. You’re earning more, and your audience is enjoying without worry.

Monetizing serialized content with pay-as-you-enjoy is a game-changer.

You choose your pricing structure – including per chapter, tutorial, detailed how-to-guide.
You control your pricing & distribution.
Platforms non longer control you.
Your audience contributes automatically when they set a budget with auto-pay.
Adding an entirely new revenue stream without any risks.

Try live examples of books to experience serialized content monetization with Mash.

Magic Internet Money.

The 1st Lightning powered book ever created. Serialized content, auto-unlock by chapter.

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Behind the scenes video & written content, boosts and more soon.

Solutions for writers, news, educators, and beyond.

Monetize How-To-Guides & Reviews in a new way.

Your multi-page in-depth reviews, and guides provide tremendous value to your readers. Start monetizing your best ones.

News sites are monetizing their unique content:

  • Tech Gurus are providing detailed breakdowns and tutorials for how to complete complicated tasks, debug issues and more – charging by each topic/chapter.
  • DIYer education sites are offering their tutorials chapter by chapter to their everyone can review and study the topics they need, without spending time relearning the items they know.
  • Chef's are providing recipes with dedicated live-video instruction, charging by section, culinary expertise.

New monetization options that work.

Your community loves your content. Offer your community paid access to your serialized content directly from the source, and let them learn at their own pace.
  • Technical Guides are monetizing their detailed how-to-articles and educational pieces – along with top tips, removing the intrusive ads and earning more.
  • Teachers are offering their courses chapter by chapter to their students so they can review and study the topics they need.
  • Excel gurus are creating curated mini-books for specific topics, like building macros. They're giving their audiences the choice to learn skill by skill.

Monetize your writing.

Start getting interest, traction and earning for your short-stories, weekly chapter updates, comics, and fully fleshed out novels. Launch them all at once, or charge as you release it.
  • Developer Books are being offered by chapter, giving readers the ability to learn and contribute for what technical topics they're interested in.
  • Graphic novelists are releasing their content chapter-by-chapter so that their fans can engage, comment and not wait until a full release and publication.
  • Gamers are providing in-depth tutorials and training by section and quest. This way users can learn as they want, without having to buy the entire guide of secrets.
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Fully customizable templates to quickly get earning.

Take advantage of our pre-built templates to start quickly. You can easily adjust the design, colours and themes as you want – as well as radically change the structure to whatever you like.

Your pricing. Provide freebies to get users engaged.

Price it per chapter, section, or special chapters only. Setup different pricing tiers for different types of content, or categories.

And you can let users try-before-they pay-to-enjoy to see the value you provide with premium experiences.

Users auto-pay, removing all friction.

Enable auto-unlock for users who setup a budget – not even a click is required for them to enjoy your content, and contribute to you. Show previews of content as desired, and always free sections.

Your audience will love serialized content monetization.

They immediately get to start enjoying your content without needing to pay for the full experience up front – and they get going with freebies that you've optionally enabled.
They enjoy your content without any extra clicks o interruptions, or worry about over-spending – because they've setup a budget for you.
They get to show you support, while getting value in return with your best content. They've been looking for a way to support you properly, now they can.

Learn what users love the most

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Pay-as-you-enjoy is a radically new way to monetize your experiences

Learn how to monetize your amazing experiences a variety of ways – by any event, click or action. Enable your users to easily pay any amount based on usage, even for just that one thing. All without interruption.

It's easy to try boosts – just a copy and paste or two.