It's free until you start earning your fair share

It doesn't cost anything to get started – no software or getting started costs. We only earn if you do – with a pricing structure that aligns you and Mash. For your first $5K of revenue – the only charges are what it costs us for your users to load funds into their wallet.

The easiest way to monetize your experiences.

Join the no-charges partner beta program

It's free for selected early partners – with hands-on support, including implementation, and sway in what amazing things we are building for you. It's the best way to make sure that Mash exceeds your expectations and goals. And, you get a front-row seat to foundational changes happening online.

For all the awesome stuff you do.

We only earn when you earn.
No costs to use Mash.

No Setup or
Software Charges
When you earn, we earn. It's that simple. There are no charges to implement Mash.
First $5K Revenue

Mash earns 3.5% of the revenue you generate from your first $5K of revenue . This is roughly the same as what it costs to facilitate getting your users funds into their Mash wallet.
Revenue >$5K

Mash earns 9% of revenue generated greater than US$5K. This enables us to operate Mash, build all the awesome features you want.
Transferring Funds

It's easy to transfer your fund, Bitcoin, to a a different exchange or wallet – anytime. It can be free, or up to ~US$15. It depends on where you send them. The costs do not go to Mash.
No Lock In.

What's your is yours. There are no costs, or fees if Mash isn't right for you. Simply remove the integration – you are in control.
Customer Support

We are nimble team that works closely with partners like you. We are available on multiple free to access support and communication channels.