Powered with Bitcoin & Lightning Network

Bitcoin is the only form of money that meets the needs of a service we would want to provide you.

It enables the many unique features that Mash provides – from streaming money from your users to you for any amount, and a business + money fully in your control. It's global, and can't be debased

Built with Bitcoin

It's called freedom money for a reason.

✨  Low cost – send $0.01 every minute without issue
🌍   Global – accept & send around the world
  Censorship resistant – what's yours is yours
💸   Control – it's your money, do what you want
⚡   Instant settlement – no waiting for the Bank
🕵️   Private – for you and your users

Instant payments with Lightning Network

What you earn is yours, right as it happens – for any amount, large and small. It's yours to do what you want with.

Positive for the world

Aren't sure about Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a transformational monetary asset that enables freedom from money debasement, government censorship, privacy and full control of your money without intermediaries. We understand that you might not be sure about Bitcoin. If you aren't, or just want to learn more – we are happy to help.

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