Earn for your creations – any amount, however you want.

The easiest and fastest way to get paid by your users. You decide pricing, any amount, and how to charge.

Users decide if they want to contribute on-time, or add a budget for interruption free enjoyment. It's a low-commitment experience that gets them started contributing.

You all have full control of your money – and experiences. No "tokens" or "credits". It's yours.

Users Engage
They explore and try out your awesome stuff on your site, app or Mash page – see the pricing that you've set.
Pay as they enjoy
No large commitments to start contributing – they set a budget to auto-pay without interruptions
You're Earning $
Money is sent to you instantaneously as they enjoy – in a wallet that you control.
More Time & Resources
You can spend more time & money to create what you love – because you are earning based on the value you provide.

Let your users support you without friction, interruption or worry

They can set a budget, and auto-pay without interruption, and control of their funds. They can buy that one thing, without needing a subscription.

You can set a spend cap, which is the maximum amount they'll contribute before you reward them with free access. They're enjoying without worry – and contributing plenty.

Digital Bitcoin Wallet Set Budget Function for Auto of Micro paymentsFree access to users after micropayments reaching threshold freemium bitcoinFreemium pre subscription micropayments with Mash Wallet Bitcoin

Provide freebies so your users can try-before-they-buy.

You can provide free access to engage new and existing users each month – build your audience and brand. Some ways include: 

For an entire piece of content – such as 3 premium videos, 3 articles, 10 gameplays.

For parts of an experience – like the first 5 minutes of a live event, or 20 minutes of premium video each month.

Low friction payments

Users auto-pay without interruption.

Users can set a budget – dedicated to your experiences. This enables them to pay, and ejoy without any interruptions, and the confidence they'll only spend up to what they've agreed to.

You earn way more because it's easy and trusted. and learn what your users love the most.

For all the awesome stuff you do.

Various pricing models for all different types of experiences...

Charge for the amounts large and small as users engage. Want to charge $0.01 per minute of video watched? Cool. $1.00 per article read, all good. $5 to download a premium image or article – it works. All without the restrictions and per charge costs of credit cards. And it's your money, your wallet, your pricing. Same with your users.

🪟  Access

For an entire experience – video, audio, written – or bundle.

If you charge $1.50 for a video or $0.25 per email newsletter sent – you're paid just before access is granted.
⌚ Time Engaged

For time watching, listening, playing, engaging.

If you charge $6 per hour, you're instantly paid $0.10 for every minute while they watch.
🃏  Usage, Event or Action

For an item, using a tool, starting a new game, getting a hint – and any event you can imagine.

If you charge $0.50 to start a game, or $0.25 per download – you're paid as it occurs.
⌚ Try Before You Buy
aka Trial Access

You can provide free access, usage for experiences each month – or for parts of content, like the first 10 mins of a video.
🃏  Varied Pricing by Type, Category & Exclusives

Charge differently for different types of experiences, groups and categories. Have special content – it can stand on it's own.
🪟  Spend Maximums & 
Freebie Access

Enable spend-maximums which limits user concern with over-spending. Once reached – it's like a subscription – granting users some free access.
It's their money – not "points" or "tokens".

Easy for your users – and they have full control

If it's your users first time using Mash – all they need is a credit or debit card – no Bitcoin knowledge necessary. Their funds are also theirs – they can use them on your site, other Mash sites, across the web – or send them to friends, other wallets or exchanges. It's their money. It's treated that way.

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