Get boosted with the Wix Mash App! ⚡🧡

Blake Gillette2022-12-08

Mash is officially on the Wix App Marketplace! Get boosted and start earning more today.

You've got a burgeoning site on Wix and you want to start getting support from your community 🚀. You’re an Author, Content Creators, Educator, Blogger, Local News Reporter, and beyond! You deserve it, and they want to support you. We have an app for you, for just that!

With Mash’s Wix App, it’s never been easier to start getting support from your community or monetizing your experiences – a way that makes sense.

You can get $0.05 one-click donations to learn what users love without them needing to enter a credit card. You'll shortly be able to charge any amount for premium experiences – even as little $0.01 for access to content, a vote to participate in an experience and more. And users pay automatically with a budget.

Built for creators⚡

Your Business. Your Users. Your Content. Your Money.

With Mash, now you can earn with your audience in mind, and with models that makes sense for you and your users. Mash lets you get one-click donations, charge any amount for premium content → and get paid fast.

Add Boosts: One-click-donations

👌 Install the Mash App on your site and connect it to your current or newly created Mash account. Select how and where Boosts are displayed right from Wix. Click “add / update” and you’re all set. It’s that fast.

The fastest way to get donations possible, it only requires a tap or click, and gives your users an exciting, fun, and magical experience in return for their support. For each click it’s a simple $0.05 donation that goes right to you. No big commitments or typing credit cards in each time.

A lot more is coming shortly.

🚀 Become a launch partner for one of these awesome features 🚀

Page Access: Charge for premium content pages, your way

Decide what your top experiences are worth, and ask users to pay for access to premium content on a page on your site. It can be used for any and all content – it's being used for pre-released content, book chapters, detailed reviews of products, videos, educational guides and lots more.

Engagement Monetization: Let users participate with paid-for-votes on upcoming experiences to create

One-click votes and contributions. Get high-signal feedback and participation from the largest audience possible. Learn your communities preferences, opinions when they contribute small amounts to participate, all while dissuading spammers.

Fundraising Campaigns from the community

Let users contribute for an experience, event or action to happen. Drive excitement and action with Races, where the first experience that reaches a certain contribution milestone is unlocked. Or create standalone community unlock bounty.

Why Mash, and why a Wix App?

Our mission is to provide every creator, builder, and developer, the tools they need to earn more and monetize the awesome stuff they’ve created. The best way to do that is by making it accessible and useable for all, not only developers with years of coding experience.

With our Wix app, we can help the nearly 200 Million+ creators of all kinds monetize their experiences. Your blog about the best turtle toothpaste went viral overnight? Boost it. Your site that highlights this years sexiest Santa Claus gaining traction? Monetize it.

Our commitment to you is this... we’ll keep designing new and better ways for you to monetize your experience that don’t devalue it. Large pop-up ads, or risking losing users with large upfront subscriptions are a thing of the past – they don’t match what make sense for you or your users.

Contrary to the current unspoken rules, there are more ways than ads and subscriptions to make money. They can be fun, engaging, help you build relationships with your communities, and earn more all at the same time.

Check us out on the Wix Marketplace and Start Earning with Mash.

Voilà! What’s left to say?

The whole team is working day and night on bringing new features and updates to the app, so you can add even more ways to monetize how you want! Want someting specific, have feedback – get in touch!

We’re making it easier, simpler, and streamlining how you can get started, and can’t wait to see what you’ve built come to life.

We have a lot of cool features in the pipeline and will be adding them soon!

Stay tuned… 😜⚡

  • Ric & Blake - on behalf of the whole Mash team.

(aka the guy who built it, and the lucky guy who gets to announce the cool stuff the team built!)

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