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Jared Nusinoff2022-12-23

A few months ago we launched an early version of the Mash monetization toolkit that included an integrated user wallet and a variety of widgets to help creators, indie-hackers, authors, bloggers, newsletter writers, and more earn donations & monetize their content or apps easily. And super fast for users with auto-pay and one-click payment + donations.

We heard you.

We quickly learnt that it was a bit tricky for people to get up and running, and to customize the experience to their liking. And our goal is to provide you with the easiest to use products that exceed your needs – on all fronts. We got to work and have a few updates that we’ve recently pushed live.

It’s now super-easy to add Mash to your site to fit your vibe.

Just one snippet to control Mash.

You can now connect and control Mash on almost every website, or platform – with one global snippet. Copy and paste it over once, and you’ll be able to start customizing a significant part of the experience directly from Mash without changing any code. We also have plugins for Wix & Wordpress (with big updates coming there shortly).

Smart wallet display

The Mash Wallet Button now can be set to automatically only display when it provides value to you and your users. Specifically if there is something that they can contribute for – from Boosting, Donating or Paying-as-they-enjoy. You don’t have to do anything. Nada. It’s automatic when the other widgets are present.

If thing on page to get paid/donations -> display walletelse -> hide wallet

Customizable wallet placement

We get it – you have other elements on your page, and don’t want to be forced to move them because of Mash. It’s your site and experience.

Now you can easily adjust where the wallet displays on your site. You can customize it differently for desktop and mobile. They are unique experiences after all. Do it all right from Mash, and it’ll be live on your site (after a refresh because of well, caching).

Global Design Themes

The widgets should be gorgeous, and look and feel like your experiences. So, we’ve rebuilt our widgets so that you can make them look and feel the way you want – easily.

Now you can select colours, and fonts right from Mash and they’ll apply to the new widgets right on your site. Change your mind later? You can hop back in and adjust them and they’ll be pushed live.

Boosts get a whole lot easier with a lot more flexibility.

The interest and adoption of Boosts has been awesome – and we have some updates to make them even better. For those that don’t know, Boosts allow your users to one-click-tip you and share what they love without a download, on desktop and mobile.

Add & customize Boosts without code

Previously, you had to copy and paste code onto your site, or lots of pages to set it up to your liking. Now you can add Boosts directly to your site right from Mash. You can customize the placements, style, and design – of course differently by desktop and mobile. No code snippets. No copy and pasting things. Just click a few buttons and you are good.

And best of all, you can select which pages you want Boosts to appear. You can add multiple Boost setups for different styles on different pages (or lots of boosts on every page). If you only have Boosts on some pages of your site (and nothing else from Mash), with the smart wallet display mentioned above, the wallet button will only display when helpful to you and your users.

More Boost sizes, placements, and variants.

Now you have options for different placements on mobile and desktop, different size options, and an option to have a Boost with just the icon. And you can do it all from Mash without any coding. And there’s a lot more coming soon 🔥⚡

You can still go super-custom if you want

We get that some of you will want the full power that using code-snippets provides. We haven't removed any of that functionality, just made it a bunch better. Check out our UI Component Builder, NPM package and Replit demo & tutorial apps and get mashing like normal.

Now we’re sure there are some bugs, even though we didn’t find them yet – and features you’re looking for. Please do share what you find! Get in touch!

Thanks for your scarce time.

  • Luna (on behalf of The Mash Team)

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