Building with Mash just got a lot easier. Check it out on Replit.

Jared Nusinoff2022-12-13

Explore and experiment with Mash monetization and payments tools on Replit for developers, programmers, indie-hackers and software creators alike. Powered by Bitcoin and Lightning Network.

Replit is the hottest thing since VS Code. Software creators, developers and indie-hackers rejoice!

Replit is the easiest way to start creating software. Mash is the easiest way to earn for it.

What’s better than getting a cup of Java, stretching out the fingers and spinning up your dev environment to start learning and developing software?

Not having to set anything up at all – and just getting to it.

We’re pumped to share a number of new ways to explore and experiment with Mash on Replit for developers, programmers, indie-hackers and software creators alike.

A brief intro to Mash.

Break the purchase commitment barrier and let users pay-as-they-enjoy. Mash is the most flexible and easy to use usage-based monetization system for web-apps – that you control.

  • Charge any price: Even as little as $0.01 for any action or event.
  • Provide freebies: Let users enjoy some premium experiences for free each month
  • Pricing tiers: Charge $5.00 for one thing and $0.05 for each use of another thing.
  • No minimums: Withdraw any amount you’ve earned, and your users can get started with any amount in their wallet.
  • Pre-subscription mode: Unlock full access for your users once they spend a certain amount
  • Powered with Bitcoin + Lightning network: Enabling interoperability, decentralization and full control of your money – the easiest way possible. Learn more.
  • One-click donations: Let your users support you, share what they love most with a click.

See all the latest from Mash in our Overview Repl.

—> Check it out here.

Tutorial: In less than 30 minutes you’ll be monetizing.

🪨 Don’t forget to take care of your Pet Rock

Follow along with this introductory tutorial to learn how to get up and running with Mash, how to use the JavaScript SDK to request payments for actions in your app, how to add one-click-boosts, and how to view your earnings in the Mash web app.

—> Check it out here.

Try Demo Apps. Remix them with your own twists.

Next.js app with monetization for usage-based apps and tools.

You make art. We make art. Now everyone can make some art with this art generator powered by Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion API. There are freebies and monetization examples built in. Remix it and add your fun twists. It even has ❄️🎄 grinch mode 🎄❄️.

—> Check it out here.

HTML, CSS, and JS monetization & donations for all the builders.

We love Dino Run. You love Dino Run. We all love Dino Run. Check out this classic, with the power of monetization & one-click donations. And, best of all, we’ve added ⛄🎅 Santa mode 🎅 ⛄.

—> Check it out here.

Easy-to-edit HTML page designed for your Replit profile or personal website.

You have a place for a pinned profile on Replit. Why not use this starter template to share all your sites → and get donations from your fans.

—> Check it out here.

Easy-to-edit book templated designed for pay-per-chapter monetization.

Deploy your book, how-to-guides and other serialized content using this template. It’s easy to implement with Markdown and basic snippets of code.

—> Check it out here (GitHub currently, Replit soon).

Bounties: Get paid to build demo apps in Replit.

  1. New: Meme Image Creator for "Person of the Year" and "Sexiest Person Alive"
  2. New: Generate unique avatar images from an uploaded file
  3. Share what you’ve built and potentially get featured on
  4. Build a unique spin on an AI art generator. (applicant accepted)
  5. Create a “fake tweet” generator for entertainment (applicant accepted)
  6. Bug Hunt: Find the bug causing sprites/graphic issues in Dino Run on M1 laptops (closed and resolved)

Looking for even more?

Check out all our developer resources:

Thanks for your scarce time!

Jared & Jake, on behalf of the Mash team.

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