Time to be in control. Your business, monetization, and audience.

Jared Nusinoff2022-10-15

Shouldn't you be in charge? Creators, builders and developers haven't been able to easily decide the value of their experiences. Aggregators and platforms own your audience relationships, and monetization. And they decide if you're discovered, take a huge cut, and kick you off without warning. It's time for a change.

We have a problem.

The internet has had a major fault for far too long. Monetizing content, apps and experiences is broken for many. Subscription fatigue, the desire to buy that one thing and not being able to. Being inundated by ads and promotional content all the time. Having difficulty finding the content you can trust. Mash is dedicated to fixing this.

Shouldn’t you be the one deciding your value?

You’ve created amazing content, experiences, apps & tools. But other companies are deciding what you earn, how you earn, and the price/value of your experiences. And they’re taking a huge cut of your profits. Why? It’s been the only way possible until now. While we aren’t saying to abandon everything, they can provide some value – isn't it is time to augment them and start building towards a future that you’re in charge of.

  • Youtube – takes 45% of ad revenue, decides when ads show and if you’re good enough to start earning. They’ll kick you off. They'll demonetize you at a whim for using a cuss word. They'll pull your content for unsubstantiated and frequently fraudulent copyright claims.
  • Twitch – takes 50% of your direct user contributions. Why? Cause they can. And you don’t get paid immediately. Enjoy your long wait.
  • App stores – take 30% of your revenue for the “privilege” of letting users have access to your experiences. And you have to use their archaic payments experiences and review processes. You aren’t allowed to mention that they can purchase things elsewhere. Talk about control. I want to puke.
  • Shutter-stock – takes 70% of the revenue. Yes, 70%.
  • Spotify – pays out $0.003 per stream on average. Have a million listens, you and your entire team get $4K. Why do they decide how to micro-distribute content, and the value of your art is to your users? Why not decide yourself like Mos Def and Talib do.
  • Adsense – pays $0.004 per page view, according to their optimistic revenue calculator. You believe it? And they love to obfuscate things – showing monthly visits and annual revenue hoping you don't see they make things look way better. And no guarantees. Have 1M views of your pages, enjoy your $5K for all your hard work. Not to mention reducing your brand and quality of the experience
  • Patreon with payment processing can take ~15% of your earnings. However they only really have that one payment model – subscribe. That's high-friction and only for super-fans. You have to build out special content on their site that they control – is it really yours? They own your audience relationship.
  • … the list and challenges go on. This creator calculator highlights it even more… such as you need 13M views on Tik Tok to make $500.

Getting paid was once a challenge!

You’re at the mercy of legacy payment rails that don’t work for the digital age – you and your users. Here are a few of the challenges!

  • Large purchases required. Want to charge a user a $1 for something, enjoy paying 35% of your earnings if they’ll even process it. They limit your audience to super-fans that pass the purchase commitment barrier. What about engaging and fun experiences with a money layer on-top? Nope.
  • No flexibility. One-time purchases or subscriptions – that’s been the name of the game.
  • Chargebacks. Enjoy dealing with fees that are much higher than your price, without recourse.
  • Not global. It’s difficult to earn from your global audience.
  • High friction. Users have to type in their credit cards and make a large purchase decision every time.
  • They kick you off if they don’t agree with what you’re selling. Not because it is illegal, but because they just don’t want to support you.
  • Want to access your money – enjoy the wait.

What we believe, and how we’ve built Mash.

Your Business.

Set prices and charge for experiences how you want – any amount. Enable exclusives, giveaways, freebies and more. From donations, to having your audience participate in a poll or vote, with spam control. Change things up as you learn – it's your call. Isn’t it time to be rewarded for quality and community – rather than “attention”?

Your users.

Because Mash integrates directly with your experiences, you own and control it. Build your user relationships for the long-term – whether you continue using Mash or not. Build up an email list, your SEO and whatever makes sense for you. It’s your relationship, and we’re here to help with magical and easy to use experiences.

Your content.

Have wild opinions? Share them. Want to leverage platforms for audience building and distribution? Great call. Want to still run ads? All good. Plan to share your content across the web? Go for it.

Your money

What you earn is sent to your wallet – instantly. Transfer it, exchange it, send it, use it – how you want, when you want. It's yours. No minimums or delays to send it to another wallet when you want.

Thanks for taking the scarce time. Hope that it was helpful.

Jared Nusinoff

P.S. Bitcoin + Lightning Network fixes this.

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