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Blake Gillette2022-12-08

New to Bitcoin? Curious what the Lightning Network is and how it's changing the way peer to peer payments happen? Well... You came to the right place!

The Lightning Network⚡?

Well… I’m glad you asked! 🤣

It’s like handing cash to a friend. Or a friends friend. Or a friends friends friend anywhere around the world, instantly, without having to trust anyone!

Millions of users already have it.

Imagine that 100s of millions of users could pay you by scanning a QR code, copy/pasting a string or using Mash and more right on your site and experience. This is the lightning network.

Even CashApp has added lightning to their app. Yeah. CashApp. Best part is that it is an open network, and there are tons of other lightning native wallets apps and experiences.

What is it though?

The lightning network is a layer built on top of bitcoin that allows for instant and inexpensive transactions. It does this “off-chain”, which essentially means flowing through connections across parties on a decentralized network to send payments back and forth, instantly.

Enough with the technical stuff. You want to send money to someone, anyone, anywhere with a lightning wallet, even less than a penny – you can! And the "paypals" of the world can't stop you, or take your money just cause.

The QR Codes.

The beauty of using lightning is that – it allows for all the different lightning wallets to support you, and you to send your money to and from, how you want.

Interoperability. No more lock-in. Users can load Mash with funds from these wallets to contribute, and for some, simply send directly without having a Mash Wallet (lots more on this in being launched very soon). There are a variety of different types of QR codes that you can use with lightning.

The Donations QR Code

🎊 Get donations on your site, app, page, video or stream by adding this QR code there – and users just scan, decide an amount and send you funds. Get yours from your Mash account.

This is the easiest QR code to add for getting custom donations. Add this QR code to your site, embed it in a stream – and anyone with a supported wallet can simple scan it, select how much they want to donate and click send. Done, you just got paid. FYI: It uses an awesome thing called LN URL, but we don't need to get into the nitty gritty.

Wallets that support this include Blixt, BlueWallet, Breez, BTCPayServer, Fountain, Galoy, Geyser, Phoenix, ShockWallet, Wallet of Satoshi, Zebedee, and Zeus. And lots more are coming soon.

The Classic QR Code

The OG QR code aka Bolt 11, base lightning. Let’s get to the point though. This is a one-time-use “invoice” that a user can scan with a QR code (or copy/paste a string of text) to send a specific amount of money.

Every lightning wallet supports it – but it can be a bit clunky to setup in some cases as you need a unique one for each payment, each amount. It can work on your site with some additional UX, but not your live-stream, social media profile (really anything that doesn't get created per individual user).

However because of broad interoperability it is great for getting paid for specific items, and in some cases one-time-donations. Join the waitlist to get access to a Mash supported Classic Bolt 11 QR invoice & donations widget.

The Lightning Address

It’s like sending money to an email address, but without the email.

👌 Get your lightning address and add it to your social media profiles, website, apps and more to start getting donations and friend-to-friend payments.

A Lightning Address is used to receive payments on the lightning network. It’s unique to you, and the wallet you create it with. You can create many different lightning addresses with different services – including Mash based on your custom handle (start here).

It’s simple, share your lightning address in your social profiles, on your website and across the internet and users with tons of lightning apps will be able to send you money to say thanks.

Supporting wallets include Zebedee, Breez, Blixt, Blue Wallet, Phoenix, Noah, Bitnob, Bitcoin Beach, Spark Wallet, Wallet of Satoshi and lots more. We can only guess that CashApp will add this shortly.

I’m ready to start earning, now what?

Set up your Mash account, select your “handle” and you’re ready to go. Get your shareable Lightning Address, your custom QR code, and a Mash page (which we haven’t even mentioned yet).

*Voilà! It’s all that simple.*⚡

Welcome to the Lightning Network, and what we believe will be the future of online payments! We’re excited to have you 👐

Thanks for reading, and hope this was helpful!

  • Blake on behalf of the Mash team.

(The most recent orange pilled Mash team member)

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