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Enhance your readers experience on your blog, local news site, reviews with trusted premium articles, information, behind the scenes, while you earn-as-they-enjoy. Price it – any-amount and any way – per article, chapter, message, or deep-dive recommendation.

Article access pay-as-you-enjoy is a game-changer.

You're in control of your pricing.
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Insights into what resonates with your audience. What they love most.

Solutions for writers, news, educators, and beyond.

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Your community loves your experiences – isn't it time to ask them to support you to access your latest and greatest? From premium written posts, stories, guides, reviews, how-to's, and more all directly on your site.

Bloggers are using Mash in a variety of ways including

  • Travel Blogs are sharing some of their top picks, but asking for a small contribution to learn about their #1 secret spot, off the beaten path location.
  • Sports Commentators & Stock Pickers are sharing their favourite betting strategies, but requiring pay-as-you-enjoy for their deep dive on the #1 pick of the week.
  • Do-It-Yourself bloggers are sharing the full instructions up-top without any ads or extra SEO content, all for just a small contribution.

Unlock an entirely new revenue stream.

Showcase articles, interviews, premium content, and more. Give your most dedicated readers the ability to contribute, and read the articles they want without any distractions – and earn an entirely new revenue stream

News sites are monetizing their unique content:

  • Local News sites are earning for deep-dive articles on major local issues, and behind the scenes interviews
  • Tech News Sites are earning for providing behind the scenes reviews & specs of rumoured products

An entirely new revenue stream never possible before.

Monetize transcripts, summaries, tips & tricks learned, behind the scenes Q&A and the juiciest facts gleaned. Engage with your community and created special exclusives for your fans, and let them support you for the value you provide!
  • Entertainment Podcasts are monetizing their juiciest Q&A answers and segments
  • Business Podcasts are monetizing professional transcripts and tl;dr summaries, along with their biggest learnings per month

New monetization options that work.

Easily distribute your guides, how-to's, curriculums, and more in your control! You control your pricing to charge what is fair, and don't give up 70% of your earnings to those pesky platforms – not to mention giving them ownership over your audience that you deserve.

More users are learning, gaining skills and your relationships + size of your community will grow.

  • Technical Guides are monetizing their detailed how-to-articles and educational pieces – along with top tips, removing the intrusive ads and earning more.
  • Academic Educators are monetizing breakdowns of literary devices, math problems, and interview problems.

A radically new way to earn for your content.

Earn for your short stories, weekly chapter update, comics, manuals, guides, and special pre-released content.
  • Educational Books. Being sold by chapter, so that users can purchase and share relevant content.
  • Short Stories are being sold standalone
  • Expansion & Add-on details are being sold to hard-core fans. Many also include visuals.
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Customizable design & unlocks to fit your vibe.

Enable auto-unlock for users who setup a budget – not even a click is required. Colours, placements can all be adjusted easily.

Show previews of content, or don't. Use it for full paragraphs & articles, or special information like a secret ingredient, contact info or more.

Provide freebies each month, and price how you want

Price it per article, chapter, message, guide, or more! Setup different categories of pricing for different types of content.

Let users try-before-they pay-to-enjoy to see the value you provide with premium experiences.

Your audience will love Mash article access.

Higher brand value and a deeper relationship knowing that they can trust the content is coming directly from you.
Gaining exclusive and in-depth access to the written content that they want to see – saving them time and effort. And enjoy the new experiences that wouldn't have been possible.
They get to show you support, while getting value in return with your best content. They've been looking for a way to support you properly, now they can.

Learn what users love the most

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Pay-as-you-enjoy is a radically new way to monetize your experiences

Learn how to monetize your amazing experiences a variety of ways – by any event, click or action. Enable your users to easily pay any amount based on usage, even for just that one thing. All without interruption.

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