It's your business, content, users, and money.

When we say it's yours – we mean it. From your relationships with users, ownership of content, ability to do what you want and money. Stay in control.

Your business.

Set prices and charge for experiences how you want. Enable exclusives, giveaways, freebies and more. Change things up as you learn – it's your call. Isn’t it time to be rewarded for quality and community – rather than “attention”?

Your users.

Because Mash integrates directly with your experiences, you maintain control of your user relationships for the long-term – whether you continue using Mash or not. Build up an email list, your SEO and whatever makes sense for you. No lock-in.

Your content.

Have wild opinions? Share them. Want to leverage platforms for audience building and distribution? Great call. Want to still run ads? All good. Plan to share your content across the web? Go for it.

Your money.

What you earn is sent to your fully controlled wallet – instantaneously. Transfer it, exchange it, send it, use it – how you want, when you want. It's yours.