How Mash Works

Earn for your creations – wherever, and however you want.

Mash facilitates contributions between you and your users – on your site, app or a Mash page. You decide pricing and how to charge. Users decide if they want to contribute – and if they want add a budget for interruption free enjoyment. It's a no-commitment experience that gets them started contributing.

You all have full control of your money – and experiences. No "tokens" or "credits". It's yours.

Users Engage
They explore and try out your awesome stuff on your site, app or Mash page – see the pricing that you've set.
Pay as they enjoy
No large commitments to start contributing – they set a budget to auto-pay without interruptions
You're Earning $
Money is sent to you instantaneously as they enjoy – in a wallet that you control.
More Time & Resources
You can spend more time & money to create what you love – because you are earning based on the value you provide.
Prices. Payments. Transfers.

Instant payments
& full control

It's yours. Instantaneous transfers, no chargebacks, global availability, private.

1. Set your pricing, charge mechanics

Price your experiences in a supported local currency that users easily understand – currently USD.

2. Your earnings are sent to your wallet

Payments are sent in Bitcoin – based on the exchange rate. Bitcoin enables instant transfers during engagement.

3. Transfer, send & exchange it

Send your money and exchange it into the currency of your choice – whenever, wherever.

Low friction conversion

Users easily start contributing

Get users engaged and happy with your experiences – let them try before they buy.

Afterwards, charge users in reasonable increments – such as ~$2 per hour ($0.04 per minute) – so they aren't worried about the commitment.

Low friction payments

Users auto-pay with a dedicated budget

Users setup a budget – dedicated to your experiences. They enjoy without interruptions – and don't worry about spending too much.

And... you earn way more money. Learn what your users love the most – money talks – and create even more.

Mash Everywhere

Your site, app, Mash page and across the web

Mash works where and how you want it to. Add it to an existing experience. Don't have a dedicated location and use other platforms – spin up Mash pages and direct your users to your premium experiences there.

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Get Paid Instantly

What you earn is yours, right as it happens – for any amount, large and small. You're immediately in full control.

Built with Bitcoin

Bitcoin. It's called freedom money for a reason.

Bitcoin is the only form of money that meets the needs of a service we would want to provide you. It enables the many unique features that Mash provides – from money streaming to you during engagement - to a business fully in your control. And it can't be debased.

✨  Low cost – send $0.01 every minute without issue
🌍   Global – accept & send around the world
  Censorship resistant – what's yours is yours
💸   Control – it's your money, do what you want
⚡   Instant settlement – no waiting for the Bank
🕵️   Private – for you and your users
Positive for the world

Aren't sure about Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a transformational monetary asset that enables freedom from money debasement, government censorship, privacy and full control of your money without intermediaries. We understand that you might not be sure about Bitcoin. If you aren't, or just want to learn more – we are happy to help.

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