Flexible solutions for all you create.

We understand that your business, users and community is unique. We have easy-to-use features – that you can customize – to create the perfect solution.

And there is lots more coming soon. Join the early partner beta and let us know what you love – it will help us help you.

For all the awesome stuff you do.

Various pricing models for all different types of experiences...

Charge for the amounts large and small as users engage. Want to charge $0.01 per minute of video watched? Cool. $1.00 per article read, all good. $5 to download a premium image or article – it works. All without the restrictions and per charge costs of credit cards. And it's your money, your wallet, your pricing. Same with your users.

⌚ Time Engaged

For time watching, listening, playing, engaging.

If you charge $6 per hour, you're instantly paid $0.10 for every minute while they watch.
🪟  Access

For an entire experience – video, audio, written – or bundle.

If you charge $1.50 for a video or $0.25 per email newsletter sent – you're paid just before access is granted.
🃏  Usage, Event or Action

For an item, using a tool, starting a new game, getting a hint – and any event you can imagine.

If you charge $0.50 to start a game, or $0.25 per download – you're paid as it occurs.
⌚ Try Before You Buy
aka Trial Access

You can provide free access, usage for experiences each month – or for parts of content, like the first 10 mins of a video.
🃏  Varied Pricing by Type, Category & Exclusives

Charge differently for different types of experiences, groups and categories. Have special content – it can stand on it's own.
🪟  Spend Maximums & 
Freebie Access

Enable spend-maximums which limits user concern with over-spending. Once reached – it's like a subscription – granting users some free access.

One Time Contributions

Users can choose to pay for each experience or event – until they decide to setup a budget and start auto-paying.

Provide try-before-you-buy access to drive conversions.

You can provide free access to engage new and existing users each month – build your audience and brand. Some ways include: 

For an entire piece of content – such as 3 premium videos, 3 articles, 10 gameplays.

For parts of an experience – like the first 5 minutes of a live event, or 20 minutes of premium video each month.

Users enable auto-pay, preventing interruptions.

Users can set a budget for your standard experiences. They will also be prompted to set a budget for exclusives and specials.

This prevents interruptions and has them focused on the great stuff – what you build and create.

Watch the money flow right into your wallet.

See your results as they come in – or in your Mash Dashboard. Notifications can be exciting or annoying – adjust the settings to your liking.

Across the Internet

Accept tips and contributions on your site, and across the web


Donation Button & Modal

Request contributions – just cause right on your site, in newsletter and beyond.

QR Code to use anywhere

Use on platforms, to live streams – and it works with many digital wallets.

Link & Email Address

Use in emails, tweets, and beyond – and it works with many digital wallets.
It's their money – not "points" or "tokens".

Easy for your users – and they have full control

If it's your users first time using Mash – all they need is a credit or debit card – no Bitcoin knowledge necessary. Their funds are also theirs – they can use them on your site, other Mash sites, across the web – or send them to friends, other wallets or exchanges. It's their money. It's treated that way.

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