Earning with Mash

We've done our best to answer key questions below about monetizing with Mash – including pay-as-you-enjoy, boosts, donations, and lightning network. If you still have questions, or thoughts, please contact us – we're here, and happy to help as best we can.

When can I send my earnings from Mash to another wallet or exchange?

Mash is in Beta – what does that mean?

What is Site Maximum Spend aka Spend Cap?

What is a lightning address – such as dogco@getmash.cash?

Streaming bitcoin over lightning funds is super cool! How does it work?!

Why is the value of my earnings in USD changing, while the sats are staying the same? I priced my items in USD.

When I contribute for something it's priced in USD, but my account is in Bitcoin – how do you decide how much to transfer?

How can I delete my account?

How can I change my password?

I have another question?