Monetize your content downloads

Charge any amount for premium visuals, filter tools, PDFs, high-res images, game mods, and more! Charge different prices for different features – from resolutions to watermark removals, or bundles.

Let your audience consume what you’ve created, as they want with pay-as-you-enjoy – and no large purchases when they just want those few things.

Paid downlods is a game-changer. Pay-as-you-enjoy monetization.

You decide the price – any amount.
(PDFs, Images, Mods, Tools, and more!)
You're in control. No more giving pricing control and 70% of your earning to platforms.
Money is sent to you instantaneously
with each download click.
Insights into what your audience wants most. Money talks!

Solutions for writers, news, educators, and beyond.

Monetize your educational downloads, and exercises.

Share your music, digital art, graphic designs, illustrations, animations, photographs. Provide them the security knowing they received it directly from their favourite creator, and supporting you in your creative journey!
  • Musicians are offering direct downloads of their latests and early access songs, and special releases.
  • Photographers are earning for their high-resolution photographs, wallpapers, editing filters, and education templates.
  • Digital Artists are charging for vector file templates without watermarks, along with icons, and asset packs.

An entirely new revenue stream never possible before.

Your community loves your courses – isn't it time to take back control of how they access your best experiences while building a direct relationship?
  • Teachers are offering downloadable lessons, quizzes and study sheets – so their students can get exactly what they need, when they need it
  • Fiction writers are offering their short-stories, and pre-release chapters to their ardent fans as PDFs
  • Bitcoin educators are offering PDFs of their top guides from key management, running a node and more.

New monetization that work – shared with the community.

Monetize mods for games, theme packs, photo galleries and more. Split earnings with contributors to the site from your entire community. Let them support your community site, and the creators that bring it to life.
  • Game mod sites are allowing their communities to download feature enhancements and helping creators earn together
  • Photo communities are sharing high-res templates, non-watermarked photos for a fee – shared with the site and creator.

Complete pricing flexibility with optional freebies.

Charge any amount you choose for different options – from one item, a group of items, and different categories and tiers, it's your call. Allow for watermark removals, different resolutions, updates, copyrights, anything you want!

They'll love pay-as-you-enjoy downloads.

When they want

Your users can download to their local drive to enjoy on their own schedule, and how often they want.


They can enjoy content, without giving up their privacy, and email to a third party platform that might sell their data.

Directly from you

No more searching other platforms to find your premium content. They get it direct from the source, and support their favourite creator.

Learn what users love the most

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Pay-as-you-enjoy is a radically new way to monetize your experiences

Learn how to monetize your amazing experiences a variety of ways – by any event, click or action. Enable your users to easily pay any amount based on usage, even for just that one thing. All without interruption.

It's easy to try boosts – just a copy and paste or two.