Donations. Fast.

Super-fast donations on your site, and across the internet. Just a click or scan and confirm – that's it. Your users don't have to enter a credit card every time. And no minimum amounts or outrageous credit card fees.

Discreet pre-built designs, or create your own.

You can use one of our pre-built donation button designs, or fully customize your own design to fit the personality and vibe of your site.

Donations from everywhere. Mash Pages & beyond.

Don't have a site, you can share your personalized Mash page with users where they can support you directly. Share or embed your custom link or QR code wherever you want.

Get Bitcoin + Lightning native donations right from your social accounts, videos, live-streams and across the web. With Mash you get a Lightning Address, Lightning QR codes and more for users to scan and pay directly to.

Learn what users love the most

Coming soon!
With Mash Analytics, you'll learn which content, pages, features, experiences and more your users love when they donate to you directly through the Mash Wallet.

It's clear to your users that they're supporting you.

You choose where and when donations are present to your users! They can be positioned in-line directly next to specific items, in your page headers, and only pages that you want.

It's easy to try boosts – just a copy and paste or two.