Boosts. Tips with just a tap.

The fastest and easiest way to get donations possible. No entering a credit card. No confirmation screens.

Just a simple click and you're getting support from your fans, and learning what they love. Add it to your site, a platform, or use a Mash page to get support.

Interactive and fun.

It's simple. Your users can click the boost button once or as many times as they want, each time triggering contribution of $0.05, and playing an animation.

Designed to modestly standout, and fit your vibe

Customize the boost button with styles that fit the mood and design of your page! One that resonates with your users.

Boost's unique design and animations are present and available alongside your experience – without distracting them from what you create.

Floating, in-line. Where you want!

You choose where and when Boosts are present to your users. They can be positioned in-line near specific experiences, or floating on the page so that they are always subtly present for your users to say "thanks".

Learn what users love the most

Coming soon!
With Mash Analytics, you'll see which content, pages, features, experiences and more your users love the most.

Add Boosts to your high-traffic & awesome stuff to drive engagement and earn more!

It's clear to your users that they're supporting you.

Boosts have a few different designs for creators to use. This ensures that your users know that each click is supporting you. No surprises, just clear understanding!

It's easy to try boosts – just a copy and paste or two.

Experience Boosts.

Magic Internet Money.

The 1st Lightning powered book ever created. Also w/ boosts and donations.

Connect the World

Boosts, monetized behind the scenes video & written content.

Kevin Rooke's Content

Boosts, monetized professional transcripts and beyond.