Audio & video monetization

Creators love it for behind the scenes footage, earl-access songs or music videos, special deep-dive reviews & tutorials, and problem walk-throughs.

Your users contribute with a simple tap at any price you set, and get to enjoy what they love! They support you, they something amazing. It's that simple.

Audio & video monetization is a game-changer. Pay-as-you-enjoy.

Add a brand new revenue stream. Monetize directly for things not possible before.
You're in control. No need to rely entirely on platforms with ads or decide what you earn.
Easy to install widgets directly on your site with some a plugin or some copy & paste.
Insights into what resonates with your audience!

Solutions for writers, news, educators, and beyond.

Monetize your educational downloads, and exercises.

Easily share your music, videos, pre-releases and back-catalogue directly to your fans. They'll love it because they received it directly from their favourite artist, and supporting you in your creative journey!
  • Musicians are offering early access to their latest songs & music videos, releasing their b-sides, to their most dedicated fans
  • Artists are sharing behind the scenes footage, and outtakes, so their fans can re-live the experiences they love
  • DJs are creating speciallky curated playlists of their tunes for their audience to enjoy, and expand their creative exploration

An entirely new revenue stream never possible before.

Your community loves your content – and they want even more. Create more premium guides, deep-dives, reviews, tutorials and earn with pay-as-you-enjoy
  • Teachers are sharing access to selections of their video content, so their student base can review, and learn at their own pace.
  • How to guide writers & gamers are offering even more in-depth overviews so users can enjoy for what they are looking for, even that easter egg.
  • Culinary creators are sharing their secret recipes, behind the scenes tips so their fans can up-skill

New monetization that works – shared with the community.

Bloggers & news sites are sharing video reviews, commentary and deep-dive content to liven up their experience.
  • Bitcoin Bloggers are providing security & wallet recommendations, setup guides and live reviews of signing devices.
  • Travel bloggers are sharing personal videos of their most recent exploits, curated reviews of secret hot-spots and local interviews.

Pricing flexibility, tiers and freebies.

Charge any amount you choose for different options – from one item, a group of items, and different categories and tiers, it's your call. Something super-exclusive, set it's own pricing. Your content, your pricing, your rules, your money.

They'll love pay-as-you-enjoy exclusive audio & video.


Access to exclusive and premium content from their favorite creator – you – and getting to show appreciation for the creative journey.


They get to enjoy more of your experiences that you're now able to release –all without being a die-heard fan and requiring a subscription.

Easy to find & discover

No more searching other platforms or relying on algorithms. They can get it right from you and know what you think is the best.

Learn what users love the most

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With Mash Analytics, you'll see which content, pages, features, experiences and more your users love the most. Add Boosts to your high-traffic & awesome stuff to drive engagement, learn and earn even more!

Pay-as-you-enjoy is a radically new way to monetize your experiences

Learn how to monetize your amazing experiences a variety of ways – by any event, click or action. Enable your users to easily pay any amount based on usage, even for just that one thing. All without interruption.

It's easy to try boosts – just a copy and paste or two.