Usage based pricing for your indie-apps, tools and beyond.

Charge any amount for any action. No need to have users buying a bundle of tokens, or subscribing – creating a large purchase commitment barrier. It's a quick  decision and users get to pay-as-they-enjoy. They  have cash available to use in your experience, to spend for using your awesome tool.

Monetizing apps & tools with pay-as-you-enjoy is a game-changer.

No more purchase commitment barriers for your users – they can now pay-as-they-enjoy.
You're in complete control.  Pricing tiers, categories and whether you provide freebies each month.
Charge for what you want – run a tool, play an action, remove a watermark. Your choice.
Adding an entirely new revenue stream without any risks.

Usage based pricing for indie-apps, tools and games, of all kinds.

Solutions for writers, news, educators, and beyond.

Monetize How-To-Guides & Reviews in a new way.

Your multi-page in-depth reviews, and guides provide tremendous value to your readers. Start monetizing your best ones.

News sites are monetizing their unique content:

  • Tech Gurus are providing detailed breakdowns and tutorials for how to complete complicated tasks, debug issues and more – charging by each topic/chapter.
  • DIYer education sites are offering their tutorials chapter by chapter to their everyone can review and study the topics they need, without spending time relearning the items they know.
  • Chef's are providing recipes with dedicated live-video instruction, charging by section, culinary expertise.

New monetization options that work.

Your community loves your content. Offer your community paid access to your serialized content directly from the source, and let them learn at their own pace.
  • Technical Guides are monetizing their detailed how-to-articles and educational pieces – along with top tips, removing the intrusive ads and earning more.
  • Teachers are offering their courses chapter by chapter to their students so they can review and study the topics they need.
  • Excel gurus are creating curated mini-books for specific topics, like building macros. They're giving their audiences the choice to learn skill by skill.

Monetize your writing.

Start getting interest, traction and earning for your short-stories, weekly chapter updates, comics, and fully fleshed out novels. Launch them all at once, or charge as you release it.
  • Developer Books are being offered by chapter, giving readers the ability to learn and contribute for what technical topics they're interested in.
  • Graphic novelists are releasing their content chapter-by-chapter so that their fans can engage, comment and not wait until a full release and publication.
  • Gamers are providing in-depth tutorials and training by section and quest. This way users can learn as they want, without having to buy the entire guide of secrets.
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Customizable for any action or event.

Your experiences come in radically different shapes and sizes. Charge for any event and action that fits what you're building. Have pricing tiers for categories or options, provide freebies and more. Optionally set a spend cap, which is the maximum amount your users will contribute before you reward them with some free access.

Easy to integrate into your experience.

Build out a completely customized experience using our Software Development Kit & APIs (contact for additional details), or add some copy + paste code to what actions, events and experiences you want to monetize. Create your pricing, tiers and more in a simple UI.

A radically new pricing model that drives user conversion.

Your users can finally buy that one thing (or many) without the big commitment of subscriptions. They set a pre-authorized budget to auto-pay without interruption – or make one-time payments as they want.

Digital Bitcoin Wallet Set Budget Function for Auto of Micro paymentsFree access to users after micropayments reaching threshold freemium bitcoinFreemium pre subscription micropayments with Mash Wallet Bitcoin

Your audience will love your new way of app & tool monetization.

Immediate enjoyment.
They can enjoy without any barriers, big decisions on subscription plans, or large up-front purchases.
On-demand access to unique features like mods, watermark removals, uses of your advanced tool – as they want.
They have peace of mind. They're in control of how much they spend, without worrying about any over-commitments.

Learn what users love the most

Coming soon!
With Mash Analytics, you'll see which content, pages, features, experiences and more your users love the most. Grow your users base and earnings by creating more of what they love.

Try live examples of mini-app and tools monetization with Mash.

Prophecy Bitcoin

A tool for predicting the price of Bitcoin. You can create your own prophecy/results, with different pricing tiers based on your selections.

Mashing Monsters

An Avatar creation tool based on the work of a local artist. You also get shareable imagery on the result.

It's easy to try boosts – just a copy and paste or two.