Remonetizing the internet.

About Mash

Quality experiences, like yours, haven't been compensated the way that they should be. Mash fixes this. We help you monetize quality content, experiences and tools properly. We believe that this will help lead to a flight to quality across the internet.

Our Team

The Mashers

We have spent years scaling start-ups, building out digital experiences and working at big tech. We are on a mission remonetize the internet – and increase the quality and breadth of experiences available.

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Blake Gillette-Almqvist

Chief of Staff & GTM

Self proclaimed and untrained thrill seeker. Previously RedBull & Start-Ups

Aron Thorisson


A dabbler in golf and fishing who plays soccer and tennis. Previously FinTech & fiat financials.

Jake Stolee


Expert guitar strummer – when in front of boisterous crowds. Previously Amazon & ROSS.

Mike Dedys


Professional amateur footballer and beer brewer. Previously Lazer, ROSS and D2L.

Matt Danko

Creative Monster

Craftsman, designer, surfer, sailor, plant daddy and lover of heavy things. Previously art directing and designing at Car2Go, Commerzbank and Typeform.

Jared Nusinoff

Product & BD, CEO

Explorer of wild remote Canadian rivers – by canoe. Previously Google, Bain, Out Here Travel.

Ric Cabrera


Aspiring fisherman, audio nerd, wildcard developer. Previously behind a soundboard, and working in fiat financials.

Nick Johnson


The top surf break discoverer in North America. Previously Fitbit & Google.

Mash's Mission

We are dedicated to building a new prosperous age online

Expensive paywalls that rarely make sense. Sites littered with ads. Corrupted content without substance. Needing to beg, sell swag and ask for tips. Locked into platforms that control you, your audience and earnings. The internet is fundamentally broken. It's because of monetization that is based on "attention" and "time".

Users want and appreciate great experiences – and they are happy to contribute for them. They do – and it's only accelerating! However, they have only had the option of big up-front commitments.

Mash fixes this. We are starting by enabling pay-as-you-enjoy, value for value exchanges between consumers and builders, creators, entertainers, writers, game creators and developers. This is a radically new business model for online content & digital experiences – across the open internet. Join the revolution – start earning the easiest way possible – with Mash.

The greatest monetary network ever conceived.

Mash is built with Bitcoin ฿ and Lightning ϟ for a reason – it is the greatest monetary network ever conceived – an unfathomably remarkable feat. It enables you and your users to have full control of your money. No "special" tokens that lock you in and enrich others at your expense.

Enabling the relationship economy – between you and your users.

We are dedicated to help you build your business across the web – in your control. Helping remove the reliance on centralized platforms and aggregators. It's your experiences, your users – we will treat it that way. You decide your business model, pricing – and retain your customer relationships.

Around the World

We are global

Mash is a remote founded company. The team operates accordingly – remote first. We work, support, and partner with great people around the world.