Earn more for what you build, create and develop. Gain more customers because there’s no commitment or large up-front fee.

You pay for awesome experiences & content, right? So do your users. Now they can easily start contributing directly to you. Mash makes it easy for you to convert your users into contributors, and your awesome stuff into a business.

Mash's pay-as-you-go software let's you charge users any amount, incrementally, while they enjoy your experience.

They use it, they pay. If not, they don't. Charge based on time, access, view or action. For example, you can charge $6 per hour, and you're instantly paid $0.10 for every minute they engage. And there are lots of other options like $0.25 per article, or $1.00 per download – and it's all automatic, without interruption.

Earn directly where your experiences already are – or a new mash page.

Get paid from your users directly on your site, app, a personal mash page, per newsletter, and across the web. Mash exists right alongside your experiences – no downloads are required for your users to contribute. It’s simple to get started.

Solutions for creators, builders, streamers, devs...

It works for your articles, apps, tools, videos, live-streams, courses, newsletter, games, digital art, voting, Q&A, chat and beyond.

🧰   Tools, Apps
& Software

Meme-generators, image & code convertors, media skins and filters, viral tweet creators...
📹   Video & Audio

Live-streams, events, specials. breakdowns, interviews, q&a, podcasts, live-chats, concerts, reactions...
📰  Written & Newsletters
How-to-guides, recipes, reviews, politics, game strategy, full fledged information sites, your passions...
🎲  Interactive & Games
Leisure, puzzle & turn-based games. Game analysis, cheats, tips & strategies. In-game mods & skins....

Easily convert users into purchasers with free access

Get users ecstatic with always free, and premium try-before-you-buy experiences. From there, contributing becomes a quick and easy decision.

They're focused on you – not their spending.

They can set a pre-authorized budget to auto-pay without interruption – or make one-time payments. And, you can set a spend cap, which is the maximum amount they'll contribute before you reward them with free access. They're enjoying without worry – and contributing plenty.

Current monetization options don’t work – it's time for the alternative

Subscriptions don’t work – few users contribute. Advertising doesn’t pay enough – you need millions of users. Platforms control you – use ads, take a huge cut – censor & kick you off. They all dilute your brand.

It's your business, content, users, and money.

When we say it's yours – we mean it. From your business and charge model, control of your money, what you say, and how and where you use your content.

Mash meets the high-standards you have for your users.

Easy and transparent.

It’s all clear and in your users control – no surprises, no confusion of when, and what they are paying for. They see your prices, set an optional budget – and auto-pay as they enjoy without interruption. It's right there with the Mash indicators, messages and wallet.

Help your users help you.

You pay for stuff online.  So do your users. Why wouldn’t they pay you for the value you create? And how could they decline when it’s so easy? All they need is a credit or debit card to load $15 into their account – that they can use on all Mash sites, across the web, and send where they want. It’s their money – in their control.

The Team & Mission

A passionate team – with the experience to match.

We’ve spent years building. From side projects, start-ups, to working at big tech. It’s no accident that our mission is enabling you – the builders, creators, entertainers, educators and writers – to earn your fair. That way you can spend more time doing what you with more time and resources.

About Us