A radically better way to monetize your digital experiences

Start earning more for the awesome content & experiences you create. It's simple – users agree to contribute to you by article, time spent, features or actions, and lots more.

You do you: it's your experience, your pricing, your audience. Welcome to the relationship economy.

How it works

Great for you.
Easy for your users.

Get started with easy to use pre-built solutions for written content, live-streaming, software, online mini-tools, and lots lots more.


Engage users on your site, or on a custom Mash site

Your users continue to enjoy their experiences where they normally do. We can seamlessly integrate on your site. If your experiences are elsewhere, you can also use dedicated Mash page(s) for monetized experiences.


Users agree to automatically contribute while engaging

On the site, users agree to contribute by article, time spent, features or actions. Keep it super simple, or use different settings & modules to enhance your monetization – freemium, content and category type controls, exclusives, spend caps and beyond. Not to mention special engagement experiences.


You profit from your hard work. Your users are happy.

You're earning significantly more. You maintain control of your users and business. Your users are ecstatic that they didn't have to make a huge commitment up front and get to enjoy it all. They continue to engage (and contribute). They appreciate that they have complete control of their own money/wallet – and are not locked in with "points" or "tokens".

Get more details about how Mash can unlock a new world of monetization for your content & digital experiences.

About Us

Enabling an internet that rewards quality

Sites littered with ads. Corrupted content without substance. Needing to beg, sell swag and ask for tips to make ends meet.
We say no more.

Providing the tools to allow you to monetize your experiences – properly.

Users want great experiences – and are willing to contribute for them. It's only been possible with big long-term subscriptions or large software purchases – which doesn't match the offering of many experiences.

We are dedicated to fixing this – by enabling value for value exchanges between producers and consumers. This will unlock radically new business models that just work – across the open internet.

A passionate team – with the experience and skills to match.

We have spent years scaling start-ups, building out digital experiences and working at big tech. We understand why digital content & experiences have been unable to monetize – and how to fix it.

Our mission is to do just this – and more. Meet us and learn about our mission. Maybe join us one day – as a partner or as a Masher unleashing it.

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Max Webster

Prominent angel investor, formerly Version One VC.