A better way to earn. Monetization that fits.

Add revenue streams with your audience in mind, and business models that make sense for you. Charge any amount, learn what users love, and set up takes only a few minutes.

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Flexible, instant, and frictionless monetization & donations

Powered by Bitcoin + Lightning Network because your money should be yours.

Flexible & customizable.

The ways that you can use Mash are limitless. Add the features you fit, at the pricing you want, and customize the design to match your vibe in a few quick steps.

Any amount. No minimums.

Let users donate, pay or contribute any amount – even as little as $0.01. Your users can buy that one thing, pay-as-they-enjoy, and say thanks a way that makes sense.

You're in charge. Your vibe.

You decide the pricing, business model, design, and more. You own your content & audience. Not the platforms that decide, and take a large cut.

Start earning in just a few minutes

All Types of Content

Get support for premium written content, videos, audio, downloads or even secret details.

Boosts & Donations

Let users support you with magical single-click Boosts, one-time donations and bitcoin + lightning native experiences.

Apps,Tools & Games

Charge per-use for apps, tools, plays of a game, premium settings or features, or any event and action that you want.

Community & Fans

Enable your users to participate, and share what they love with paid-for voting, comments, and questions. You earn more and get high-signal participation from more of your users.

Seamless to integrate

Mash works effortlessly with your existing tools and platforms.

Social Media & Link-in Bios

Website Builders & No-Code Platforms

Developers & Web Frameworks

Secure, instant, and open.

Built with security, and easy-of-use in mind.

Payments happen instantly.

Immediately send your earnings to another wallet – no matter the amount.

It's the power of being on Bitcoin + Lightning.

Loved by the community

Easy and delightful for all your users

Built with security, easy-of-use in mind.

A digital wallet without the fuss

A few clicks to get started

Usable across the internet

Funds can be sent in any amount.

People love partnering with us

"I came across Mash a few months back and I think these guys are the leaders in re-thinking how monetization in cyberspace on a Bitcoin standard will work. They have great products, and the team have been super helpful with the implementation into The Bitcoin Times. I can’t wait to see how it evolves in the coming years."

Aleks Svetski

Founder - The Bitcoin Times

"Every writer, podcaster and creator can benefit from Mash. They're leading the charge in the future of payments and monetization. They were outstanding as both product and partner in re-imagining how my book, Magic Internet Money, can be shared and how it earns online. Feedback from readers has been excellent so far!"

Jesse Berger

Author - Magic Internet Money

"Mash is the easiest, most flexible way to get donations & monetize my content. I launched my book’s website, with full control, ownership and pricing, and pay-as-you-enjoy pricing models. It was a breeze. The team is exceptional, and readily available. They're constantly adding features, including based on my direct feedback."

Will Schoellkopf

Author & Writer - The Bitcoin Dog Book

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